Four tips to close more deals and speed up your process.

Tim Kintz is the President of the Kintz Group and a best-selling author. He offers his process that leads to a satisfying close that he said works with any customer:
  1. Reassure the customer. Show them they’re not in for a bad experience. Get to know them, what they’re looking for and go the extra mile for them.
  2. Create mental ownership. Take what you’ve learned about the customers’ needs and wants and show them how the vehicle can fulfill them.
  3. Transition the customer. If your tone is confident, the customer will mirror that. If you did a good job with the other tips, their excitement might be enough to close the deal.
  4. Win-win transaction. Work for a win-win scenario that sets the foundation for future deals with that customer. Make the numbers work for them.
If you build the value of the vehicle for the customer so it’s higher than the price, the negotiation process should go smoothly.
For more details, see the full article in Used Car Dealer magazine.
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