5 ways to improve your dealership’s Facebook

  1. Use the “About” section to your advantage. Complete this section with as many details as possible. People shopping for cars want to know if you’re nearby and (if you are) how to contact you!
  2. Moderate your comments. Don’t let trolls drive people away from your page. Hide or delete people abusing your page. For disgruntled customers, send a quick reply and offer to comment via Facebook messenger.
  3. Invest in Facebook ads. Improve your reach by investing in Facebook advertising. It’s a cost-effective way for your page to be seen by new potential customers.
  4. Don’t self-promote too much. Promote yourself in your Facebook ads. Use your Facebook page for content that encourages people, makes them laugh or tells them something interesting.
  5. Set goals. How many followers do you want to add, per month? How much do you want to improve your reach? Set goals each month and post like crazy until you reach them!

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