Make or Break: Curb Appeal

You have probably heard the phrase curb appeal numerous times throughout your life. More than likely you already know what it means. However, if you don’t, curb appeal is simply What your establishment looks like from the outside. This factor is undervalued more than it should be. Today we are going to dive into why curb appeal is so important and what it can do for your business.

Why Does Curb Appeal Matter?

Curb appeal matters because it is the one simple factor that creates most customers first impressions. First impressions are extremally important in your business. You want customers to feel like they can trust you and not be on guard. A sloppy debris ridden establishment can give off very unsettling vibes.

How Can I Make My Lot More Inviting?

  1. You can start with cleanliness. If you have landscape maybe hire a lawn service to keep the grass cut and your bushes trimmed. You do not want sloppy over grown grass and dead plant life. This can show a since of “I don’t Care” in the air.
  2. Keep your lot organized. We will touch on this a little more in the next section, but an easily navigable lot for your customers is essential.
  3. Have plenty of easy to find customer parking. don’t take up all your space with inventory.


Keeping your lot organized is essential. This will allow your customers to easily navigate your inventory and not get flustered or turned around. Some was you could organize your lot could be by make, model, or vehicle type. If you have multiple colors of the same vehicle maybe line them up and showcase your variety.

Look Professional

Whatever it is your doing, make it look professional. This establishes a reputation right off the bat and that can be vital. A great reputation off a first impression can greatly increase your likely hood of landing a great customer. Don’t paint any half way signs on cardboard trying to entice people to stop by and check out your lot. Make your signs look professional and well designed

Money Well Spent Now Will Pave The Future

You may be thinking some of these suggestions or examples above can add up in expenses. For some of them, you aren’t wrong. Adding more expenses can be hard to manage especially if you are brand new in business. However, money well spent now will pave your future. If you make the necessary adjustments and work on managing the cleanest lot in town I can almost guarantee you will see a dramatic increase in your foot traffic.

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