Is Jay Leno a Truck Guy Now?

In the Recent weeks CEO of Ford Motor Company, Jim Farley, paid a visit to Jay Leno to demo Ford’s new electric truck, the F-150 Lightning. This visit may have flipped Leno from a car guy to a truck guy.

The two conversed about the hardships of pitching an electric truck to the “Bean Counters”, as Leno had referred to them, at Ford. Farley admitted he had to tip toe the line and not push over the limit in regards to what the standard truck buyer would accept. This being the case, it was a tough sell but with all the facts about the F-150 Lightning it wasn’t something Ford could overlook.

Leno quickly jumped to the question we were all wondering. What are the top qualities of this truck? Farley reassured that it does everything an F-150 does and in most fields does it better! It is affordable, fast, and extremally quiet. Not to mention the good towing reviews and payload ratings. Farley mentioned this truck can power a house or even a job site. Talk about handy!

Another cool advantage of the F-150 Lightning is the Frunk or Front Trunk. No only does it obviously have a standard truck bed, but it has storage space under the hood where the engine would usually sit. This increases storage space and allows you to have a locking compartment that doesn’t take over your truck bed.

You can catch clips of this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube and Hulu.

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