How can car dealers and brokers benefit from Dealer Management Software?

Dealer Management Software, or DMS for short, can streamline your dealership’s day-to-day.

DMS can make the sales process faster, keep track of your inventory and store a record of deals you’ve closed. Sometimes independent motor vehicle dealers don’t invest in a DMS because they may be brokers that think they don’t sell vehicles often enough for it to be worth it.

Are you afraid you don’t have the right DMS? Here’s why it could be beneficial to your dealership to invest in one:

1. DMS helps cross-train employees.

In an article for Used Car Dealer Magazine, Lisa Cho, writes that small dealerships can benefit. Small independent motor vehicle dealers have versatile employees that have a hand in multiple sides of the dealership. DMS systems help cross-train employees. They’re familiar with your inventory, financing procedures and interfacing with customers.

2. If you don’t need the “bells and whistles,” invest in something simpler.

Don’t be afraid of complicated systems. There are options out there for a dealer with a spectrum of needs.

For example, some DMS include accounting programs. Others a bare-bones and are mostly for adding flow to the sales process. Invest in one that has the right amount of functionality for you.

3. Cloud-based software gives you access to your business anywhere.

Most software companies are moving toward cloud-based technology. A chief reason why is because it offers flexibility.

You don’t have to save everything to the hard drive of the computer in your office or carry a laptop. Some DMS allow easy access on mobile devices or tablets and save your information so you can access it anywhere.

Dealer Management Software that's cloud-based is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

4. It keeps vital records intuitively.

Even the most meticulous record keeper can misfile some paperwork or record a sales.

DMS organizes paperwork and auto-fills important information for each sale. It cuts some of the human error out of the process.

5. There are flexible payment options.

Not interested in a monthly subscription? Try a DMS with a pay-as-you-go option.

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