Data shows southern states have some of the highest rates of recall parts still on the road

New data suggests an increase in the percentages of recall parts in vehicles that are on the roads.

A press release from CARFAX said that cars on the road with open safety recalls had declined the previous two years. More than 55.7 million vehicles were on the road that had not been repaired, according to the company’s data.

Furthermore, this data shows a 5% from 2019’s numbers.

“We know open recalls are a critical issue impacting the safety of everyone on the road,” Faisal Hasan, General Manager of Data at CARFAX said in a written statement. “We’ve made great strides in recent years working with the vehicle manufacturers to try to help reduce the number of open recalls, but there’s still a long road ahead. The shared goal continues to be raising awareness about open recalls, so we can get more vehicles remedied and back on the road safely.”

CARFAX provided a numerical state ranking:

Number of recall parts on road in 2020

  1. California – 6.8 million
  2. Texas – 5.9 million
  3. Florida – 3.5 million
  4. Pennsylvania – 2.3 million
  5. New York – 2.2 million
  6. Ohio – 1.9 million
  7. Georgia – 1.8 million
  8. Illinois – 1.8 million
  9. North Carolina – 1.8 million
  10. Michigan – 1.5 million

Replacing a recall part is one way to get the most value for selling a used car, CARFAX says.

“I was getting ready to sell my car,” said Dan Moreno, of San Francisco. “To my surprise, there was one outstanding recall that CARFAX flagged. I’m glad I did it! I had the dealer fix it right away. Now I can sell my car with all the confidence that it’s solid!”

An editor’s note said that local recall data is available upon request by contacting Emilie Voss at or call 703-934-2664 ext. 4462.

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