Dealer fines: Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle dealers tallied $13,750 in fines in July 2020

The September 2020 Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Board meeting minutes show that 13 routine inspections totaled to more than $13,000 in fines in Georgia.

The state fined most dealers $500. However, the Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Board reported the highest fine was $7,250. The report does not specify what the reasons for the fines are.

However, a total of 37 inspections processed with no violations.

The used motor vehicle dealer board and department of revenue in Georgia provide a list of fees and fines. These fines can be related to insurance or unlawful and criminal acts. For example, the steepest insurance fine comes from reinstating a policy after it was canceled for more than two offenses in a 5-year period due to failure to pay the insurance lapse fee.

The state requires dealers to maintain garage liability coverage, which is why it’s important to find a reliable agent that will help a dealer stay on top of their insurance needs.

The Dealer Title Ad Valorem Tax penalty is for not submitting TAVT within 30 days of purchase. The amount is 5% of TAVT due after day 30 and 5% additional every month thereafter.

Dealer Shop Talk keeps you updated on trends in fines.

Thoroughbred Dealer Services has helpful links and resources that can help you stay compliant.

Avoid Dealer fines, stay insured.

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