Flooded cars on roads increased in 2020. Where does your state rank?

Car dealers should be wary of vehicles with a history of significant damage, such as flooded cars. That may be more important than ever.

The industry-leading vehicle history database, CARFAX showed a 9% increase in flood-damaged cars on the roads in 2020 compared to 2019. CARFAX data showed 446,836 flood-damaged cars were on the road as of Sept. 8. The first expected that number to rise after hurricane season.

Texas and Florida, typically hurricane-exposed states, led the numerical count in flood-damaged vehicles. However, some unexpected states made the CARFAX ranking.

Which states saw the most flooded cars on the road?

CARFAX shows flooded cars were on the road in larger numbers in 2020 compared to 2019.
Photo Courtesy of CARFAX

“It’s important for all car shoppers to do their homework because these flood-damaged cars surface in every corner of the country,” said Faisal Hasan, CARFAX General Manager of Data. “Con men can quickly clean up these cars up, move them and then resell them. Once a car has been waterlogged, it will never be the same. These cars literally rot from the inside out, and the mechanical, electrical or safety systems can fail at any time.”

Experts at CARFAX said it’s best to check vehicle history to avoid catastrophes. Carole Ross, a California motorist, checked CARFAX while waiting for roadside assistance and found our her newly-purchased car had flood damage.

“We didn’t even own our vehicle for two hours before it broke down,” Ross said. “We were driving home from the dealership when it broke down.”

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