A car sales pitch to close customers with different personalities

Every car buyer is different. Car dealers with years of experience know this and tailor their car sales pitch to match the different personalities of their customers’ car buyer style.

Ron Willingham, the author of “Chevrolet’s Integrity Selling” course manual, simplifies all shoppers into four primary buyer categories. Sales success can improve if a salesperson learns about a handful of distinct buyer styles, how to identify them and match that car buyer style.

Buyer style 1: Talkers

You know your customer is a Talker when they are chatty, obviously, but they also are genuinely interested in you. They’re friendly and may appreciate a salesperson making an effort to return their kindness.

Car sales pitch: Talkers

Ask talkers questions, Willingham writes. Play to their social status and pride. Offer them a drink to help them feel comfortable.

Buyer style 2: Doers

Doers usually try to control the conversation, Willingham writes. Don’t decorate your sales pitch with frills. Cut to the chase.

Car sales pitch: Doers

Make it quick and easy for them to buy from you, Willingham writes. Don’t waste their time and appeal to their ego. Explain how the car will help them succeed.

Buyer style 3: Controllers

Controllers are not impulsive and don’t make emotional purchases. They are data- or fact-driven people.

Car sales pitch: Controllers

Don’t impress a controller, Willingham writes. Focus on sense, investment and value. Stress the net cost to own a vehicle, not down payments or monthly payments.

Buyer style 4: Plodders

Plodders are usually in no hurry to buy. Don’t force it onto them. they want a lot of information and options.

Car sales pitch: Plodders

Give them whatever they want. Stay in touch with them if they leave the lot. Taking the pressure off of them, Willingham writes, will help them feel comfortable.

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