Search Engine Marketing for car dealers: Is it important?

How do you explain to today’s car dealer search engine marketing is important? Chances are if a consumer is shopping for a car, the first site they turn to is a search engine.

Furthermore, up to 90% of those searches are happening on Google. It’s important that independent dealers stay on top of their digital presence to keep their inventory in front of potential customers. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one way to do that.

Steve Neu, a principal marketing strategist for Pay Here Marketing, provided expertise in a recent issue of Buy-here, Pay-here Magazine. Search Engine Marketing for car dealers is not so different from marketing any small business.

Dealer Shop Talk aggregated information to bring you a few things it’s important to know to launch your car dealer search engine marketing campaign:

1. Know your metics

There are several key metrics you need to understand to evaluate whether you are operating an effective Search Engine Marketing campaign. First, impressions measure the number of people that viewed your ad. Second, B measure the number of people who follow the link in your ad. Third, the click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people clicking your ad after seeing it. Finally, conversions are valuable actions customers take after clicking your ad, like purchases, calls, leads, or app downloads. In short, all of these metrics paint a picture of the efficiency and success of your search ad.

2. Stay ahead of competition

Most importantly, the key to a good SEM campaign is keeping your search at the top of the list of results for your selected keywords. You do this by out-bidding competitors for relevancy.

Consumers usually click links on the first page. Therefore, the click-through rate is a good indicator of your ad’s relevancy.

3. Track your conversions.

You’ll need to measure all the valuable actions users complete on your site with conversion tracking. In short, you need to know if your ads are making more money than they cost!

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